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- 9 Park Place- Swansea, IL - 62226 - 618-233-5722

Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates, P.C.

Serving the Metro-East Area


At Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates, P.C. we have but one goal: to help improve the quality of life for each of our surgical patients. 

The Cardiovascular Surgery faculty practice provides state-of-the-art care for adults and children with heart disorders. 

Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates, P.C. cardiac surgeons have expertise in every major area of cardiovascular surgery, with surgeons performing procedures to correct a wide variety of congenital and acquired cardiac abnormalities in adults and children. Our practice has a reputation for taking on difficult cases.

All of our physicians are members of the staff of both Memorial and St. Elizabeth's Hospital .

Our Cardiovascular Surgery program is fully devoted to meeting today's patient needs with tomorrow's medicine.


Heart Disease


Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. We are dedicated to keeping our patients heart healthy. In doing so, it is essential to help our patients understand the importance of good nutrition, proper exercise and stress management in maintaining a healthy heart.


9 Park Place - Swansea, Illinois